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COVID-19 screening for residents of downtown Montreal hotels

COVID-19 screening for residents of downtown Montreal hotels

In partnership with The Ritz-Carlton Montreal, Biron is proud to have opened a COVID-19 screening clinic within the hotel.

This collaboration is a continuation of Biron's efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 by offering more convenience for Ritz-Carlton guests, as well as for guests of nearby hotels who need to be screened before leaving for their next destination.

Important information

Before booking an appointment
  1. Make sure that the test, the type of sampling and a time slot chosen, meet the requirements of the country of your final destination as well as any other country where you have a layove. Details on IATA
  2. Make sure to take into consideration the delay (25 minutes or 24 hours) for the issuance of your result when choosing the date and time of your appointment
  3. Make sure you have your passport on the day of your appointment
  4. For Ritz-Carlton residents only, make sure to bring your room card as proof of residence at The Ritz-Carlton on the day of your appointment.
The Biron advantages
  • Tests approved by Canadian and international government authorities
  • Attestation of negative test result
  • Receipt for insurance included

Does your destination country require PCR screening with oro/nasopharyngeal sampling? Please call us at 1-855-522-4766 to book an appointment.

Book an appointment at Ritz-Carlton

Screening Clinic located on the 3rd floor of the hotel, in the Business Center

PCR screening (24h)

  • Result in 24h
  • Nasal sampling
  • 175$

Antigenic (24h)

  • Result in 24h
  • Nasal sampling
  • 89$

Rapid antigenic (25 min)

  • Result in 25 minutes
  • Nasal sampling
  • 119$