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Opening of a Health centre at YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport

April 11th, 2023
Communications team
Communications team

On April 11, 2023, a Biron Health centre opened its doors at YUL Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. Clients can reach the centre, located on the way the underground parking for the Marriott Hotel, by taking the elevator near gate 28 on the departures level. The new facility serves local residents and travellers, as well as employees of the airport, airlines and nearby businesses, offering access to healthcare professionals for consultations, laboratory testing, occupational health and sleep care.

A range of targeted services

YUL Montreal-Trudeau international Airport welcomed nearly 16 million passengers and several thousand workers in 2022, our Health centre will help address a growing need among travellers and businesses alike. In addition, the presence of an onsite testing laboratory will help public health authorities conduct the tests required to monitor and control infectious diseases.

Benefits for travellers

Everyone leaving on a trip wants to enjoy their flight and have a pleasant stay at their destination. Biron’s new Health centre helps them leave home with peace of mind, even if a problem arises at the last minute. Clients can resolve a minor health issue through Biron’s consultation service with healthcare professionals, or satisfy the health requirements of their destination by getting screened or vaccinated. People who are being treated for a sleep disorder can also receive advice. In addition, all of these services are available to residents of the surrounding area.

Services to travellers

  • Consultation with healthcare professionals
  • Laboratory sampling and analysis
  • Sleep care
  • Screening for COVID-19

Advantages for companies

From baggage handlers to airline pilots, employees of airports and airlines are often subject to difficult working conditions or strict safety regulations, making it important for companies to have quick access to health and screening services. The new Biron Health centre offers a comprehensive occupational health program to prevent and treat work-related injuries and illnesses. The program is also available to businesses in the surrounding area.

Services to businesses

  • Medical examinations before and during employment
  • Verification of employees’ functional abilities
  • Prevention and screening
  • Intervention and care in the event of a workplace accident, absence or disability
  • Health coaching
  • And much more

A technological tool for biomonitoring

The Biron health centre at YUL features a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments that can contribute to biomonitoring efforts should a situation similar to the Covid-19 pandemic occur again.

A clinic in tune with the times

The Biron Health centre at YUL is Canada’s second permanent clinic located in an airport, after Vancouver. It is part of a growing trend to provide healthcare to travellers and the airport community directly at the airport, as is increasingly common in Europe and Australia.

Major European and Australian airports have been offering medical clinics and pharmacies for many years, encouraging the development of genuine healthcare hubs with the arrival of other providers, such as dentists and physiotherapists. This trend, which is highly appreciated by travellers and businesses, also benefits the people living near airports.

Useful information

  • To book an appointment: Visit our website or call us at 1 833-590-2715
  • Parking: Free parking for three hours in the parking garage (coupon provided at the time of your appointment)
  • Location: The Biron Health centre is located in the basement of YUL Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, room TT0262, on the way to the underground parking for the Marriott Hotel. It is accessible via the escalator located between the public area for international departures and departures to the United States.
Communications team
Communications team