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Biron Sleep Care reveals new brand image

February 16th, 2024

Biron sleep care new brand image

Sleep disorders affect a large percentage of the population. Some don’t even know they have a sleep disorder, while others have a diagnosis. Often, in both situations, patients just don’t know how to chose the right treatment for their condition.

Biron Sleep Care aims to promote restorative and energizing nights by turning the tables and presenting a positive image of sleep that highlights its benefits. To achieve this, the team called on the PIGEON agency. Together, they adopted the taglineThe hidden power of sleep, and are promoting the message that optimal sleep is a breath of fresh air that brings out the best in everyone. The graphic design is refreshingly dynamic, with vibrant new colours.

« Highlighting this hidden power is even more relevant as a sleep disorder may fly under the radar. Biron Sleep Care takes the vitality of its patients to heart and is there to support them. Our healthcare professionals ask the right questions and work in a multidisciplinary environment. Therefore, the patients follow the right diagnostic path to personalized treatment to enable them to live life to the fullest and regain their vitality as quickly as possible. » Sonia Gauvreau, Senior Director of Operations, Biron Sleep Care

With this refreshing turnaround, Biron Sleep Care increases awareness of sleep disorders so that everyone can sleep better and realize their full potential. To awaken the hero in all of us, we must take back power over our daily lives by improving our sleep. That’s what The hidden power of sleep is all about.