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Rapid Self-testing for COVID-19 in the Workplace

Protect your employees and the community with a screening tool that is easy to use, readily available and fast.

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Biron offers a self-testing kit containing 25 rapid antigen tests. It is a simple and effective tool to screen for COVID-19 in the workplace and prevent contagion.

You can help reduce the risk of an outbreak by having your employees regularly screened using rapid tests. People with or without symptoms can safely use the test as needed. When used regularly in the workplace, rapid tests provide an additional tool to prevent the spread of the virus.


  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Easy-to-use nasal swab
  • Approved by Health Canada and produced by a world-renowned laboratory
  • In case of an outbreak, quickly identifies infected individuals, including those who are asymptomatic.
  • Helps ensure continuity of your business operations.
  • Allows you to provide a safe environment for your employees.
  • An additional tool to prevent contagion
  • Assistance provided by an experienced team.
  • Possibility of conducting tests under the supervision of a nurse
  • Management of positive cases with access to PCR tests in the Biron network
  • Fast delivery included

Type of test : COVID-19 antigen test, self-collected by nasal swab
Results : available in 10 minutes
Compliance : Tests are approved by Canadian government authorities.
Price : $449.75 + taxes for one kit containing 25 rapid antigen tests ($17.99 per test)

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What should I do after taking the test?
    If the result is negative:
    Continue to follow the health measures in place and get tested regularly. Biron Health Group also encourages you to report your rapid test result, to help public health authorities monitor the progress of the virus.
    If the result is positive:
    Biron Health Group invites you to make an appointment at one of our many service centres for screening by PCR test, which remains the most reliable method for detecting COVID-19 infection. RT-PCR screening for COVID-19 at Biron service centres
  2. What is the difference between the various types of tests to screen for COVID-19?
    For more information on the multiple ways to screen for COVID-19, we suggest this overview to help you better understand the topic.
  3. Who is this test intended for?
    This antigen self-test can be administered to individuals 2 years of age and older.
  4. What are the guidelines for storing the self-testing kit and keeping it stable?
    The kit should be stored at room temperature, between 20 and 25 °C, and away from direct sunlight.
  5. Do I need a prescription for this type of antigen self-test?
    No, a medical prescription is not required.
  6. Does this type of test provide a travel certificate?
    No. To get a certificate, you must take a supervised test with a teleconsultation appointment.
  7. What is included in the antigen test kit?
    The self-testing kit with 25 antigen tests includes 25 individually wrapped sterile foam swabs, 25 pre-filled tubes of reagent solution, one tube holder, 25 test strips and the manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. What are the instructions for the self-collected test?
    The test uses a sample taken with a soft, self-collected anterior nasal swab to determine a positive or negative COVID-19 result. The swab is swirled in a tube of reagent solution, and then removed before a reagent strip is inserted. After 10 minutes, the strip is removed from the tube and the result is available.

You must always follow the manufacturer’s instructions included in the box.

If you have any other questions or need help with your self-testing kit, please contact us at or 1-855-522-4766.

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